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Event and Media

MAHA 2010

This largest events is available just once in couple of year and at this 2010 it was attracted 2,660,000 visitors just in 10 days!Even this time the weather is raining everyday but the visitors didn't care to walk and attend at this MAHA 2010.Great!!Goodbye 2010!!Welcome 2011!!


INTRADE is an trading events and this events is very orderly and well planned by the organizers.Here we can meet a thousand traders from overseas and locals.You can make any appointment with the traders and trade your products as well.But you must be carefully with the fraudsters acting likes a traders asking you so many product sample just to take it free.Anyway,INTRADE 2010 is a good events thats we wants to join on upcoming event.


Congratulation to because they just create a big halal programme success in Perlis same like at Masjid Negara Kuala Lumpur before.DagangHalal is one of the world’s largest B2B e-marketplaces featuring Halal products and services. It provides an online platform as well as other business sourcing channels for our merchants to reach out to a potential worldwide Muslim market of 1.8 billion consumers (estimated worth US$500bil to US$2 trillion global Halal trade value).

And thanks a lot to SME Bank who is the big player to make this programme success!!Thanks for supporting DKawi and the others entrepreneus and show your commit to brings us upon the world.

For my lovely visitors,take a look several picture thats been taken on 1 Halal 1 Malaysia,Kangar Perlis 2010.Thanks for all of you.






Karnival Halal Terengganu 2009