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Cocoa Education

Assalamualaikum,Selamat Sejahtera,Welcome and Vanakkam to all my visitors today.What a beautiful life we have because we can click/contact/connect with each other everysecond everywhere today.Awesome and great!Now we want to introduce a chocolate product for Malaysian people and for the world.DKawi Chocolate Hut maybe a new name for each people but for your knowledge,we're 1st Bumiputera Company that involve in this business in Malaysia!From 1998 until now,we was create a new phenomena for this industry that we can show the world that Malaysia also have their own chocolate.(halal)Photobucket

We also want to educate people about the important and the goodness of cocoa.Sometimes we always thinks negative that cocoa is such a things that can make u fat or badteeth.This fact is exactly wrong because the big function of cocoa is antioxidant and its level with green tea,blueberry and oat.Photobucket

So from now on,for who have this thinking before,lets change your mind today and make a chocolate become a good food for your body.Love Your Body Love DKawi.Okey Bye2.

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