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Monday, December 7, 2009

X-TRA Vaganza Chocolate

X-TRA Vaganza Chocolate! Wow! Properly indignant to watch chocolate like this.Try to place your zoom? :) Just enough!  What is interesting in this post is 

Chocolate bulk sales like the X-TRA Vaganza chocolate which shown in the picture. X-Travaganza is a chocolate  mixture from of all of our products. Sales in KGs (kilograms) to the customer . Chocolate is packed firmly with a choice of two colors that SILVER and it are cashews, almonds, herbs, cane, tongkat ali.white chocolate, dark chocolate, and pineapple. It is ideal for customers who want to replace the eggs in the wedding or a small-scale traders to sell chocolate again this to other customers. Try to  place the package  plaque per gram, price is RM58 per kilogram (agent). So drop 100 grams RM5.80, so selling it back eight to nine ringgit for 100gram.If have 10 customers u will have  the profit of RM22 to RM32.This chocolate type is RM58 per kilogram (agent) does not include shipping costs when buying RM5000 above is FREE OF CHARGE,Please takes note.


  1. Cam mana nak order? Cam mana nak bayar? Berapa lama penghantaran? Sekg tu campur semua perisa ke? Kalau order sekg jek.. berapa kos pos?

  2. bhgian sales kami kalau dah berminat ngan mana2 produk atau number ader di post ready2bizpeople...1 kg tue campur2 so semua boleh rasa...oder sekilo mmg xdpt diskaun la tp kalau oder minimum 10kg kiter ada la bg skit diskaun..sekilo kami caj RM8 jer untuk penghantaran.


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